Terms of Use

Meanings and Definitions Included in the Terms of Use

The Vita Style refers to thevitastyle.com website, and any of its related affiliates, employees, owners, administrators, or individuals.

Vita Style administrators or owners refers to the Vita Style leadership, and the Vita Style workforce that has authority in handling, building, and maintaining the vitastyle site and its services and content.

Vita Style content refers to any material that has been promoted, published, or written by Vita Style and its related or affiliated individuals (related or affiliated individuals refers to Vita Style as a whole, as seen above).

Content Creators are any individuals or entities that may have contributed to the vitastyle site in any way, shape, or form.

Individuals/Users are those who access the vitastyle website, material, or any of its related content.

These individuals may also be representing or working for an entity or business that they work for or own when they are accessing the vitastyle site or content, and if this is the case they are acting on behalf of that particular entity when accessing the site or its related contents, and agreeing to the Vita Style terms of use for that particular entity.

Terms of Use Agreement

By continuing to use the vitastyle website and any Vita Style services or content, you are agreeing to the terms of use that are hereby set forth, and any forthcoming changes to those terms. These terms of use are regarded as a binding contract between you and Vita Style, and may not be broken, ignored, or disregarded under any circumstances.

The terms of use that are hereby set forth are subject to immediate and constant change whenever the administrator and owners deem it necessary or warranted, and these changes do not have to be viewed by the user to become binding; by continuing the use of this site and its affiliated services, the user agrees to any continuing and forthcoming changes to the Vita Style terms of use, site, offers, promotions, content, services, or any other material related to the Vita Style name.
These terms of use are to be set by the Vita Style owners, or the vitastyle site administrators upon authority of the owners, and no other individuals or entities, and may not be disputed by the user or other entities after use of the vitastyle site or its related content, material or services.

If one wishes to opt out of these terms of use, then they must stop using the vitastyle site or any of its related content, promotions, or services. Vita Style and its owners and administrators reserve the right to deny or stop the use of this site or any of its related content or services, to any individual at any given time without discretion. Vita Style is not liable for any inconvenience this may cause to the user or for any problems or difficulties incurred because of this. Vita Style holds the right to bar any users from access to the vitastyle site or its content or promotions, at any given time.

Any user must agree to hold to these terms of use and is responsible for any other individual accessing or tampering with the site through their portal. This includes any violations of the Vita Style terms of use policy or any legal or security violations and infringements.

By accepting these terms of use, the user is agreeing:

  • Not to hack, tamper with, disassemble or reverse engineer any part of the vitastyle website or infrastructure.
  • Not to attempt to breach or circumvent any security or authentication measures the vitastyle site or its administrators or owners may use.
  • Not to mine or otherwise try to gather any data from the vitastyle site itself or from its affiliated individuals or other users. This specifically includes, but is not limited to, users or employees’ individual data such as names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Not to alter, modify, or disseminate false information about the vitastyle site, its contents, or any of its affiliated products, users, individuals, or employees.
  • Not to provide any false information about yourself, any entity you may be representing, or your particular user portal.
  • Not to allow anyone under the age of 18 to provide any user or financial information.
  • Not to send spam or any unauthorized massages or solicitation.
  • Not to solicit any information from users of the vitastyle site.
  • Not to interfere or disrupt another user’s ability to use the vitastyle site or its contents.
  • Not to violate the security in any way, shape, or form of the vitastyle site, related individuals, or any of its other users.
  • Not to do anything illegal, malicious, or fraudulent while accessing the vitastyle site.
  • No to attempt, facilitate, or incite any of the of the violations listed above, or any of the violations that are listed in the full text of this terms of use policy.

Sponsors, Promotions, Advertisements, Discounts, and Related Activities

There may be various promotions, advertisements, coupons, sales pitches, and other consumer discounts posted on the vitastyle website. By no means are they a guarantee by Vita Style or any of its owners or administrators, and these advertisements are purely the guarantees of the companies promoting them.
Any reviews, ratings, or related content that Vita Style produces is solely based upon personal opinion. They are the writer’s individual point of view, and any users of the site can gather information from those opinions at their own discretion.
Any users must be 18 years of age to purchase our affiliated products, or to enter any information on the Vita Style or related websites, and the user assumes the responsibility of assuring this.

Cookies and Tracking

Vita Style is a company based in the U.S. and is subject to U.S. and international laws regarding the use of data and online material. Vita Style reserves the right to collect general user information, such as first and last name, address, email, IP address, and other related or relevant information. We currently do not sell this information to 3rd parties but may currently use the information gathered for email advertisement.

The vitastyle site uses basic tracking tools such as Google Analytics cookies and Pixel tags, and other related tracking measures. Vita Style reserves the right to use these tracking measures at their own discretion and may change the tracking tools and software used at any given time. By agreeing to the terms of use, the individual user or entity is agreeing to these tracking devices and software.

Related or Reviewed Products

Any products that have been mentioned, reviewed, or rated by the vitastyle site or any of its content creators are not the responsibility of vita Style itself. Any liability regarding the use of these products falls solely on the purchaser or the product and the product’s manufacturers, not vita Style or any of its employees, owners, administrators, or content creators.
Questions, complaints, comments, or concerns regarding these products should be directed solely at the retailer or manufacturer, and not Vita Style or its affiliated individuals.

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