Pregnancy and Maternity

Being a mother is one of the greatest joys in the world. It is also one of the most difficult jobs known to man. It is a 24-hour affair. There are no sick days or holidays. It is one of the most selfless acts you could do. This section will provide advice on managing your pregnancy and maternity in a way that will keep you and the baby safe and healthy.

You will find solid advice on how to handle being pregnant while working a full-time job. We discuss the best practices for making plans with your boss, engaging with your colleagues, and creating a solid support system for you during this critical time. You will find methods for avoiding workplace pregnancy discrimination; and how to get the proper help if you find yourself in this situation.

We give tips on maintaining your mental health and wellbeing while dealing with the ups and downs of maternity. You will learn about ways that you can improve the environment for yourself and your baby. We have articles about good low-impact workouts you can do while pregnant to maintain your health. There are tips on breastfeeding and exploring other options to provide the essential nutrients your baby needs.

You will learn the tricks of the trade when choosing the best maternity care provider and birth setting. We will show you how to create a solid care team, and communicate your needs in an effective way. You will see how you can create a good birth plan to be prepared for the big day, and the things you don’t want to forget when your due date arrives.

We discuss the truth behind many birth control options and show you how to choose the right one for you. You will learn a good pregnancy diet, and how many calories to add, and the healthiest foods to get those calories from. We share tips on handling the morning sickness of the early term and those drowsy, debilitating days of the late-term.

The end of maternity leave does not mean everything just goes back to the way it was. One of the most difficult times in a woman’s life is the first few months after giving birth. We explore methods for communicating openly with your family, boss and work colleagues about the challenges you face as a new mother trying to balance your life out with your new maternal responsibilities. Never forget that your first concern is the health and safety of yourself and your new baby.

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