Privacy Policy

Us or Vita Style refers to the vitastyle website and any employees, owners, or administrator associated with Vita Style or the vitastyle website
Users refers to individuals who use the vitastyle website or associated links and sites.
Affiliated (companies) refers to brands, sites, companies, or individuals that may be linked to Vita Style in any way through reference, link, review, etc.

Vita Style is based in the U.S. out of Woodland Hills, California and is fully compliant with all U.S. and state regulations regarding user privacy, data sharing, and access to information. By accepting the Vita Style terms of use, you are accepting our privacy policy and all policies, information and regulations within it. Vita Style, or its leadership and administrators, may change the terms of use and privacy policy at any given time at their own discretion. By accepting use of this site, you accept all forthcoming changes to the Vita Style privacy policy and terms of use. If you wish to opt out of these terms, then you may not use the site.

Data Collection and Usage.
Vita Style and the vitastyle website collects basic user data, and reserves the right to use this data for personalized advertisement, messaging, or promotions. Any emails and messaging of this nature is from the vitastyle site itself and not 3rd parties. These include email advertisements or newsletters, personalized messaging and advertising, and other related promotion and messaging from the Vita Style team. Vita Style may share aggregated data with partnered companies, but this data will not include personal information. Vita Style currently does not share personal information with any affiliates or 3rd parties.

Do Not Track Signals
Vita Style does not respond or alter its data collection policies due to “Do Not Track” signals.

Your User Rights
Individual portal users are personally responsible for how their data is kept secure at their location, and it is the user’s responsibility to maintain their personal privacy and security. Users have various controls over what data is collected through their portal as well as how that data is accessed and shared.

Below are direct actions individual users may take to protect their information and privacy.
• Uses can control the what cookies apply to their portal through their web browser and computer settings. Note that turning off cookies may disable certain features of the vitastyle site from functioning properly, as well as other online sites.
• Users also may request a deletion of any information gathered, but as per U.S. regulations Vita Style reserves the right to keep particular information for business or legal reasons.
• Users have the right to opt-out of email subscriptions or advertisement.

Informational messaging or updates about Vita Style or the website may be sent to the user for reasons of disclosure and information-sharing.

Protecting Your Personal Information
Vita Style and its employees and leadership ensure the strictest standards of data retention and security, and will not share or sell any personal information to other parties. We maintain appropriate and practical measures to protect user information from being altered, misused, or accessed inappropriately. These measures are put in place to safeguard the vitastyle site, the information it collects, and the users who’s information is being gathered, and they are standard industry practices. However, it is important to note that Vita Style can not fully guarantee data safety under any circumstances, and it is the sole responsibility of individual users to protect their personal information, if they desire.

Tracking and Tools
Cookies are tools used to track and gather user and portal data that may be helpful to the vitastyle website and its administrators.
Currently Vita Style uses Google Analytics as well as Pixel Tag for generic tracking and data activities. The vitastyle website may collect general personal information such as user address, phone number, email, first and last name, and IP address, among other things. Any software and tools used for data tracking, collection, or management will be fully compliant with all U.S. and international regulations, and will be used with standard industry practices.

Data Retention
Vita Style and the vitastyle site will retain user information for an indefinite period of time after that data is gathered. As per California state law, users have a right to request the deletion of any information, but Vita Style reserves the right to retain any information and data gathered from the website for legal, financial, and business purposes.

Sharing Your Information
Vita Style does not currently share your information with any 3rd parties. However, any affiliates or links that are selected or inferred from the vitastyle website are subject to their own rules, regulations, and policies regarding information sharing and data usage.
Vita Style may also share user information in order to be compliant with any U.S. or international laws and regulations, as well as to help any ongoing civil or criminal investigations, and may also share collected data pending any warrants or requests from government or law-enforcement institutions. Vita Style reserves the right to share any collected data at any given time in the manner listed above.

Affiliated Brands and Links from the Vitastyle Site
Vitastyle is not responsible for maintaining the privacy or tracking policies for any of its affiliated brands, companies, or products, and does not take responsibility for any purchases from affiliated companies, or any information shared with affiliated websites. Any affiliated website, company, or brand has their own privacy and data policies, and must be regarded as entirely separate entities from Vita Style itself.

If there is any questions or concerns regarding the Vita Style Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, please feel free to connect with the Vita Style team and we will get in touch as soon as possible with any relevant or related information we may have. Vita Style may also accept any requests for personal information and requests for deletion, but it may take time for us to respond or access particular information. Please contact us for more information or concerns.

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